How to Access cPanel

To Access your cPanel

The URL of your cPanel will be one of the two following addresses depending on whether you have an SSL Site certificate. To learn more about SSL Certificates click here.

To check if you have an SSL Site certificate, navigate to your site and look at the Address Bar of your Browser, if you see https:// and a Padlock then you have a current SSL Certificate installed.

If you do have an SSL Certificate, the access URL will be

If you do not have an SSL Certificate installed, the access URL will be

Open your usual browser and type in either one of these URL’s and you will be taken to the cPanel Log In Screen.

Enter your Username and Password to Log In.


Main cPanel Screen

To Log Out click the Log Out Icon at the Top Right of the cPanel screen 


cPanel Settings Menu


There is a Settings Menu to the left of the Log Out icon that allows you to modify Password, Language, Style and Contact Information and reset any changes you have made to the style and layout of the screen.