Domain Names

Choosing your Domain Name

Choosing your Domain Name should be undertaken with a good deal of thought as Search Engines will use it for storing information about your site. We will help you decide on which name or which names, (you can use as many as you like), you will register.

Your Domain Name does not need to be the same as your personal or business name but clearly it helps to have something very similar as people will search for your web site based on your personal or business name.

A domain name is the address of your site in the form of

Domain Names have the www to start followed by a full stop then the name of your choice followed by a full stop/period then the extension of your choice

Certain characters are allowed in Domain Names and some not.

The name that you choose will depend on many things such as the name of your business or organisation but every not one that you want will be available for you to use as someone else may have already chosen it even though they are not actually using it.

Similarly, the extension of you choice may not be available for the same reason.

Domain Name Registration

Once you have chosen your Domain Name you need to Register it to enable you to use it and to prevent it from being used by someone else.

There are several ways that you can Register a Domain Name and one is through your chosen Web Host. Many Web Hosts will offer you a Domain Name Registration service and many will offer a Free Registration as part of the Web Hosting deal. This can be risky as in some cases Web Hosts have refused pass on the Domain Name when the site is moved to a new web host.

We manage your Domain Name Registration for you. Registering it (or them) and automatically renewing it/them when the renewal becomes due. The Registration of your Domain Name needs to be renewed when it expires or you will lose the right to use it and worse someone else could take it. Registration is usually annual, the fee depends on the Domain Name extension. We will tell you what the registration fee is for your domain name before you commit to purchase. Once you have decided on your name you can forget registration and leave it all to us.

Our guarantee to you is that we will never withhold your domain name registration should you decide to leave us.