Why Joomla Update?

Why should I update my software?

Updating your software is probably the single most important part of using a computer.  Updates fix Security Vulnerabilities, provide Bug Fixes and Product Enhancements.

When software is written there are always mistakes made by the people who create the software, it is inevitable as people are human and make mistakes. Most of these mistakes are found during testing before release to the public but the only way to truly test is to use it and that is when they show up. So when they are found they are corrected and a new version of the software is issued. These are know as Security Vulnerabilities and Bug Fixes.

Product Enhancements are where extra features or benefits are built in usually after feedback from users.

By not updating your software you are leaving yourself wide open to being hacked.

A second reason is that to work correctly, web sites rely on software on the Web Host Server and this is constantly being updated. So if you do not update your web site software it will fall behind the web site server software and after a while your web site will cease to work correctly or even at all. Your users will see a steadily breaking down website, not an ideal advertisement for your business!

We offer a service that will ensure that your Joomla software and extensions used stay fully up to date contact us and we will check your site to ensure you are safe and it working correctly.

New versions of Joomla are published regularly, these do contain bug fixes and extra features but they are also a major source of security fixes. Fixes for where it has been found that hackers can gain illegal access to either your site, your server or both and you may not know about it! If you do not update your software your site is highly vulnerable to being hacked.