Old Joomla Versions

Is your Joomla website out of date?

Is your Joomla website updated to the latest version of Joomla? Currently it is v3.9.22 (1st November 2020), and it will be updated regularly as fixes and enhancements are added.

If you have not updated the software in a long while you are exposing your site to a greater and greater risk of being hacked. It doesn't matter if your site is large or small it is still vulnerable. Often the hacked site is not worth trying to clean and it requires a brand new site which is a lot more costly that keeping your site up to date.

Support from the Joomla team has ended for all versions before v3.9 and no more security updates or bug fixes will be produced. Joomla Version Table

Joomla 1.5, and the even earlier version 1, are both so out of date they should replaced with the latest version immediately.

Newer versions of PHP (Website Hosting Software) may cause your Joomla site to function incorrectly or even stop working altogether, it is crucial that you update now!

Many templates that were designed for earlier versions of Joomla are no longer compatible with the later versions. They will not be responsive so Google will down-rate them.

If you have any third party extensions installed they are likely to be out of date and unsupported.

The older your site the more important it is to update your site as soon as possible

If you use old and out of date software you leave yourself open to unnecessary security risks.

Don't risk being hacked!


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