Joomla Upgrade

Do you have a Joomla website?

Are your Joomla software and extensions up to date?


Why You Should  Update Your Software


Updating your software is probably the single most important part of using a computer. 

Joomla has come a very long way since it was first developed in 2005 as a fork out of Mambo. It has constantly been developed since then with new versions being released at regular intervals.

Not only has Joomla been regularly updated, so have Joomla Extensions and these can be just as if not even more dangerous for you leaving your site open to attack.

Updates fix Security Vulnerabilities, provide Bug Fixes and Product Enhancements.

When software is written there are always mistakes made by the people who create the software, it is inevitable as people are human and make mistakes. Most of these mistakes are found during testing before release to the public but some are not apparent until after release so when they are found they are corrected and a new version of the software is issued. New releases often offer new features. 

Hackers are constantly looking for weak security and old software to gain access to your site.

By not updating your software you are leaving yourself wide open to being hacked.

You may also find that your Web Host will suspend your site if they feel that it has become a security risk with outdated software, as not only is your site compromised, so are others on the server.

If the idea of updating your old site is daunting let me do it for you. If you have neglected the updates its also probably the time to refresh your site with a fully responsive and new look.

How much it will cost will depend on the size of the site, how out of date it is and what if any changes you want so will be unique to your requirements, ask for a full audit of your site without any obligation.


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