MoorWeb is a small internet web design business based in South Devon, UK. We specialise in making the internet "accessible" for small businesses by designing websites that are of a scale and relevance to our customers. Our service includes writing copy and taking digital images.

Above all, we believe that the internet represents an alternative source of access to clients - it is quick, inexpensive, flexible and very effective.

Haytor Rock, Dartmoor

MoorWeb aims:

  • to put small businesses, and other organisations on the internet at low cost;
  • to keep the site design crystal clear avoiding the typical clutter so often seen;
  • to work closely with our clients to market their businesses accurately;
  • to develop a long-term relationship with clients to maintain their site to a high standard in changing circumstances.

Your site will include photos and carefully selected graphics. Each page will be designed to work well and to download quickly. Pages that need to include several images will necessarily be slower than text. While Broadband helps, we recognise that many will never have access to it.


If your site has several pages we usually provide links to each one from every other page. MoorWeb will ensure that your site structure is clear and concise. We will provide appropriate links to other sites and seek links to your site where possible.

About MoorWeb

The Company has many years' experience in computing, web design, copy writing and graphics. If you would like to contact us directly please call 01626 830225.

Here are links to some
MoorWeb sites:
Ugbrooke House, Home of the Lords Clifford of Chudleigh
June Carnell - Contemporary Stained Glass
Our home-based dog boarding business
Wolborough and Ogwell Churches, Newton Abbot


Your web pages must be "hosted" with a company who offer these facilities on the internet. We will advise on the best host for you. We do not recommend "free" hosting. Temporary websites such as weddings and family occasions will normally be appended to MoorWeb ie

The next step

If you are unsure how to progress, we can build a temporary website with no obligation to you.


We will retain first and back-up copies of your website and can provide you with a copy on request.
Bovey.Biz These are special websites for businesses in and around Bovey Tracey, control of which will be retained by MoorWeb. It is intended as a starting point for businesses with no presence at all on the internet, who can have a page for under 100 for one year (annual renewal 25). Those who already have a website of their own are invited to have an additional "catch-all" page on Bovey.Biz with a link to their main website.

MoorWeb clients who have a full website also have a free page on Bovey.Biz  if based in this area.

Go to Bovey.Biz

Email -

01626 830225

MoorWeb is part of Moor Value Ltd. Reg. 05018871

Reg Office Mulberry House, 19 Old Exeter Street, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot TQ13 0LD

May 2012